5 Tips to Improve Your Productivity with Microsoft Teams

Would you like an extra 2 days of productivity every year per person, with no additional investment or cost to your business or department? If you invest just 5 minutes reading our blog today and then use the 5 tips to improve your productivity with Microsoft Teams, I promise you that you’ll save more than the 5 minutes invested, every day! Don’t forget to share these tips with your colleagues!

So, enough of this introduction, let’s get started.

You may think that the Microsoft 365 suite of tools contains an overwhelming array of options. From our many years helping organisations train their staff we know that even the most experienced Microsoft users can feel lost when it comes to using 365 online. So many options, so many apps, and so many ways to communicate, which is best?

One of the most efficient ways to share information, track projects and collaborate with people both inside your business or department, and those outside your organisation like suppliers and customers, is Microsoft Teams.

Here are 5 ways to improve you and your team’s productivity with Microsoft Teams:

Tip 1) Stop Wasting Time Searching for the Right Chat, Change the Team Chat Title

When you create a team chat it usually labels the chat group with the name or the participants. However, if you click the pencil icon next to the group name you can change it to something more descriptive and more easily found.

Tip 2) Bookmark Important Chats to Help You Quickly Find the Information You Need

Many people using Teams may not know that you can quickly bookmark chat messages for later reference. Hover over the message you want to quickly access later, and you’ll see some emojis pop up alongside three dots. Click this and select ‘Save this message’ to bookmark for later.

When you wish to retrieve them simply click your avatar (top right when logged in) and click ‘saved’ just above the ‘settings’ option – it will take you straight to any bookmarked messages.

Tip 3) Do You Seem to Always Be Cutting and Pasting from Outlook into Team Chats?

Are you fed up with cutting and pasting emails into your chats? Simply click the three dots next to a channel name, select “Get email address” and then all you do is forward any emails you get into the channel using the email address provided. Sharing customer or client information with your colleagues has never been easier! If you don’t see it as an option, then perhaps ask your IT admin to turn on the email to channel feature. Once you have this switched on you will see the feature and be able to email the channel directly.

Tip 4) Are You Lost and Overwhelmed with Chat Channels and Never Know Where to Look?

Instead of creating a whole new chat channel why not create a private channel within a main channel? This feature allows you to create a private chat that contains a few members from the main group. You may have a Teams group with 20 or 30 people from the same department in it but you need to just speak to the managers for a private discussion – this is the perfect feature!

Tip 5) Want a quicker way to move around teams? Use a /command.

Go to the search box at the top of Teams, type a ‘/’ (forward slash) and you will see a whole bunch of options. These options allow you to quickly achieve actions within Teams. Here’s a few for you to try:

  • /brb – set your status to ‘Be Right Back’, there are other status commands too
  • /goto – brings up a list of channels or teams and you can jump directly there
  • /mentions – highlights all your @mentions in the team you are currently in
  • /unread – shows you all your unread messages, saves you endlessly scrolling
  • /call – brings up a list of team members giving you a quick way to call them

There are plenty of other time saving /commands to use that will soon have you becoming an elite power-user of Teams! Just go to your search box and try it.

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Tip 6) Why not take these tips and share with your colleagues?

Go to Teams and create a useful Teams reference guide. Create a chat group, add all your colleagues, change the chat name to “Teams Training Wiki” (see tip 1 above). You can then share all these hints and tips with them there, plus if you hit the ‘+’ symbol Teams will offer you the chance to “Add a tab”. You could use this to add a YouTube tab where you can find useful Teams tutorials and tips.

Share the knowledge and create a quick reference guide or library of useful content.


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