Adapting in 2021: The 7 Benefits of Corporate Training Online

For many businesses, weathering the tumultuous storm of 2020 and surviving into the New Year has meant making big changes to their way of working.  

Managing the digital transformation was no easy feat for industries that previously relied on human contact, whether that be to the consumer or internally. Some businesses, including Facebook and Twitter, have even introduced a ‘Head of Remote Working’ role to help employees better manage their new working environments and culture.   

Predictably, there was a surge in online training in 2020 to help both management and employees adapt to the shift. Concerns about productivity created demand for accessible training resources for all members of the workforce.  

The lockdown period’s highlighted for many businesses the essential role that easily accessible online training could play in helping them maintain productivity and manage great remote communication.  

This year also saw a shift away from traditional forms of corporate education as the bottom-up approach to training became more popular. (The bottom-up approach means staff members select appropriate training for their specific needs rather than management selecting an umbrella topic for all members of the workforce). Successfully implementing training means accurately identifying the obstacles that your workforce are facing and filling the knowledge gap. Who better to identify those obstacles than those who face them!  

Having made our own digital transformation we know how challenging it can be, but also how many opportunities online training offers our customers. Traditional training days and seminars can cost considerably more and be incredibly time consuming (particularly when they involve travelling).  

The biggest benefit of online corporate training is undoubtedly accessibility. Not only is it easier to disseminate information to a global workforce, but also staff members can easily access the help they need in a way that fits in with their working day and they can begin to implement the lessons they learn almost immediately.  

Microsoft 365 has provided revolutionary opportunities for businesses in their transition to online operations by assisting in business productivity, improving workflow and increasing communication across teams. However, without proper training across your entire workforce, there’s a good chance your business is not making the most of the capabilities of the Microsoft suite.  

Online corporate training has so many benefits, particularly for helping your workforce adapt to new software or make the most of existing software. Below we’ve provided 7 simple benefits of online training for businesses – have a read and think how similar training could help your team thrive in 2021! 

1) Training shelf-life might not be as long as you think 

In the digital world, things are always changing – from update to update it can be tricky knowing what’s changed and how to utilise the newest features. Don’t wait for the annual training session to update your team, help them start learning and implementing these features now! Staying up to date could give you the competitive edge you need.  

2) It’s about training, not just information  

There’s a big difference between handing out information to your team and training someone so that they can be confident when implementing your teachings after the session. We believe online training gives your staff the ability to start using what they’ve learnt almost immediately, closing the knowledge gap and improving productivity.  

3) Great for retention and acquisition  

As the job market gets more and more competitive, it’s important to keep your business attractive to current employees and prospects. Offering online training within working hours means employees can develop their skills and implement their learnings back into the business while accomplishing something for themselves too.  

4) Flexible and sustainable 

Training your team online means that sessions can be flexible with timings and can easily fit into your staff members’ working day. It also means we can deliver bitesize 1-hour training sessions which can be recorded and viewed later so information is more easily digestible and sustainable for your team.  

5) Microsoft Teams has a lot to offer  

Zoom is great but Microsoft Teams can offer so much more in terms of effective online communication during corporate training. You can leave messages, follow up after the sessions and continue interactions with your team to make sure the training was successful. 

6) Paperless communication! 

Another more obvious bonus of online training is that it is paperless! No unnecessary workbooks or notes, all our learning can be done online.  

7) Understand the integrated suite 

The great thing about Microsoft 365 is how integrated each element is with the rest – however, this also means your team needs to understand the full Microsoft 365 suite to benefit from all it has to offer.  

Would you like to help your team make the most of Microsoft 365?  

Alongside the other benefits mentioned above, online training could help your team develop a fuller understanding of the Microsoft 365 capabilities which could vastly improve productivity and workflow for your business in 2021.  

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