Don’t Buy the Wrong Microsoft 365 License, It Could Cost You!

Finding the right Microsoft 365 License to suit your business needs can feel like a big decision, and so it should be. Taking the time to explore the various features of each license is so important. A common mistake we often see is a small business or solopreneur buying a personal license and missing out on all the great additional features and benefits of a Business or Enterprise License.

Sure, these licenses cost a little more, but the additional functionality may save you spending money on other services and applications when you could have that feature built into your suite of Microsoft 365 services. Plus, if you purchase a personal license and want to swap you can’t get a refund!

So, if you’re considering the switch but aren’t sure whether the benefits are worth it, here’s one of our favourite advantages of having a Business/Enterprise license for Microsoft 365: Microsoft Teams!

Microsoft Teams has a plethora of additional features that Zoom doesn’t cater to, one of the biggest; on Microsoft Teams you can re-visit the chat from a meeting at any time to refer back to notes or messages unlike Zoom where the chat disappears once the meeting is over! ‘

“Ahh what did they say again?” and “Where was that link?” will be distant memories with Microsoft Teams! Plus, the dialogue can continue after the meeting; need to ask meeting attendees a question? The chats open whenever you need it! You can also involve customers, suppliers or other partners like accountants or designers even if they don’t have a Microsoft 365 license themselves!

You can also get extra functionality by having an “exchange” license! Microsoft Exchange is like having your own “post office” for mail rather than a personal account means your mail goes directly to your front door. There are other features too which enable better synchronisation of email and calendars across devices and sharing with others in your organisation.

Microsoft Teams is only available to Business and Enterprise License Holders, but this valuable software also adds an additional suite of tools that improve communication and accessibility to documents and communication channels – including those ‘Guests’ who only have a free Microsoft 365 account. Often when opting for the less expensive option, users are met with the realisation that they have to purchase additional software (e.g. web-based video meeting spaces) which can turn out to be more expensive that investing in a more extensive original license.

Not sure if Microsoft Teams is worth it as a solopreneur? As the owner of a Team, you can invite ‘Guest’ users who have a free Microsoft account to attend meetings, access shared documents and engage in the chat. You can also record Teams meetings and select who has access to the recordings. As a member of the Team, your ‘Guests’ can:

  • Arrange Teams meetings
  • Attend Teams meetings – audio or video
  • Chat with others in the Team
  • Post information for Team members
  • Upload and collaborate with ‘Files’
  • Determine the roles of meeting attendees
  • Organisers and presenters of meetings can set up ‘Break Out Rooms’

This is a great way to organise your business and communicate effectively with your team – whatever the size. Being a solopreneur doesn’t have to mean working alone and you’ll likely collaborate with a host of other people like:

  • Your accountant/bookkeeper sharing Accounts File, discussing the latest figures and hosting online meetings
  • Your marketing advisor/website designer/virtual PA sharing artwork, discussing the next campaign, reviewing the calendar and having online meetings
  • Your customers, discussing your latest projects, reviewing timelines, uploading and review files and having online meetings

And that is just on Microsoft Teams – there’s also the classics; Word, Excel and PowerPoint plus new applications like; Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft SharePoint. A Business and Enterprise Microsoft 365 License can be truly transformative to your business in terms of productivity and communication, but we understand it’s still tricky making a big business decision like this.

If you would like to learn more about Microsoft Teams and how it could help your business then simply get in touch for your free 20-minute consultation with our experts or discover more at our hands-on workshop, “How can Microsoft Teams help your business and save you money?” on Friday 26th March. We’ll be hosting this guided session in Teams to help you familiarise yourself with the application and get a taste for what it could do for your business.

Remember, we don’t earn any commission through license sales so please be assured, we will give you a truly independent view on how to get the most out of your Microsoft 365 license – whichever you chose.

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