Is Microsoft Teams Right for Online Training?

As business owners, 2020 taught us to appreciate the vital role that technology plays in businesses of all sizes. For some businesses, adapting to a shift in working practices meant a major review of all processes to bring as much as possible online, for other businesses the transition was more straightforward. 

So, as we approach the year-mark of many people across the UK working from home, it is fair to assume that most of us have adapted to this alternative  working environment. Whilst the novelty of comfy trousers, lunch break walks and no commutes (woohoo!) still hasn’t worn off for many workers, working from home can present its own set of unique challenges. 

In January, we wrote a blog post Adapting in 2021: The 7 Benefits of Corporate Training Online about the benefits of online training vs. in-person training such as corporate events, meetings, away-days, and conferences. Accessibility was one of the main points discussed. 

The lockdown periods highlighted for many businesses the essential role that easily accessible online training could play, in helping them maintain productivity and manage great remote communication

Adapting in 2021: The 7 benefits of corporate training online). 

Not only is online training undoubtedly more accessible to a workforce of any size, but employees can also more easily and without delay start implementing their ‘learnings’ while being at their computers.  

So, we know online training can be hugely beneficial to a remote workforce but what is the best way to deliver training and educational sessions? You might even need to consider where your team are geographically situated and the implication of different time-zones. 

In this blog post, we will discuss the benefits of using Microsoft Teams for online training and will provide you with an opportunity to learn more about Teams in our free Monday sessions. So, let’s get into it… 

Benefit #1 – Interactivity 

Microsoft Teams offers trainers the ability to deliver truly interactive lessons to help pinpoint your employees’ exact requirements. Unlike video tutorials, questions can be asked during training on Teams by using the ‘Raise hand’ feature or the chat box. The screen share feature can also be used to demonstrate certain activities, or to help employees show any technical obstacles they may be facing.  

Benefit #2 – Lower costs  

Online training can deliver the same, if not more expertise but at a significantly lower cost. Without the expense of travel, hotels or materials costs for your employees or the trainer, lessons can be both time and cost effective, thereby offering a major financial saving for most businesses. 

Benefit #3 – Accessibility 

The accessibility of online training means employees can not only learn from the comfort of their own home, but they can also access training from anywhere in the world. Microsoft Teams is also available via mobile app so there really are no excuses for non-attendance!  

For example, here is a case study about one of our recent clients: 

Semmco identified that they were paying for Zoom and had Microsoft Licenses with Teams. This was discussed within the company, and a decision was made to move to Teams. The company has offices in America and Dubai as well as in Godalming, Surrey. 

365 Training & Consultants was contacted, and we arranged two sessions per person, the first about using Teams on a day-to-day basis and the second around Teams with Meetings.  

The sessions were all delivered using Teams after which they were able to view their own Teams and try out the things that they had learnt. We had people from the around the world on some of the sessions, which all proved very cost-effective and met the company objectives.  

Since these training sessions, Teams has been adopted into the culture of the business and is a huge success! 

Suzanne Driver – 365 Training Consultants

Benefit #4 – Shareable resources 

Microsoft Teams can host shared documents and with the integration of other Microsoft applications, your team can view or even edit 
PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents. This is perfect for providing additional resources for your employees to look back on after training.  

Benefit #5 – Lessons can be taught in groups, breakout rooms or individually 

Unlike typical training meetings where employees are taught in larger groups, Microsoft Teams gives you the opportunity to refine your training practices to suit your employees. Say that your employees are on a training call but a few people are struggling to get to grips with the specifics of the lesson, you can simply create a breakout room for those individuals and discuss the subject again in more detail, meaning that the training can be adapted to suit different learning styles. 

Benefit #6 – Divide your workforce by Teams 

Do not let your online training and accompanying resources get muddled up. In Microsoft Teams, you can organise employees into ‘Teams’ that reflect the company structure to deliver relevant training to the right group of people and host resources that would be specifically useful to them.  

Benefit #7 – Use Forms for post-training feedback 

The intelligent integration of apps on Microsoft Teams means you can use tools like ‘Forms’ to help you better understand what type training your employees are interested in, or even to get feedback after the session. The forms can then feed directly in to Excel or other SharePoint documents to help you more rapidly deploy data throughout your organisation and beyond. 

Benefit #8 – Do you need Teams Training before Training on Teams?
(We can help! )

Microsoft Teams provides a place for accessible training calls, interactivity, and shared files to help your employees thrive while working remotely. If you want to make the most out of the online training possibilities that Microsoft Teams offers, then simply get in touch! 

365 Training & Consultants can help you and your team better understand the features of Microsoft Teams and explore ways that you can integrate it into your business. We offer a free 20-minute consultation so you can speak to one of our experts about your specific requirements.  

If you have a quick question about Microsoft 365 or Microsoft Teams, then keep an eye out for our FREE LearnIT sessions (link below), which are held twice a month. During these sessions we teach you about various features across Microsoft 365 and how to implement them into your daily business life.  

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